As with food, so with wine

For those of us who enjoy food, we know that temperature is key. Although tastes do vary, for the majority, we enjoy cold foods to be served cold and cooked foods to be served at least warm. Certain characteristics in the food are enhanced by their varying temperatures, in turn creating a much more memorable and enjoyable experience. This is no news.

It is no different with wines. As you can see on the adjacent chart, certain varietals (types of grapes) do require and are enhanced by different temperatures. Whites are served cold and reds at room temperature or in that vicinity. However, these two very basics rules do breakdown even further, depending on a few variables (i.e. varietal, terroir).

Take a look at the chart provided and familiarize yourself with some of these temps.

Something to remember and a small rule of mine is that white wine that is refrigerated should be taken out of the fridge 10 minutes prior to serving and reds should be put into the fridge 10 minutes before being served. This is a preference not ‘the rule’!