“Do something really, really well!”

Good to be back.

Since I’ve last posted, my hospitality journey has been an eye- opening experience.

I have changed companies twice and have had 5 jobs in the last 6 months!

All this change has given me amazing perspective on what our industry is experiencing from an operating and managerial point of view, as well, and most importantly, allowed me

to take different seats in what has been my vehicle to being a better person. Not by my job defining me (although it helped), but by me defining my relationships.

– I’ve given my notice at a job that I had for 3 years for another opportunity. Enabled me to step away from the ‘comfort zone’

– Gave my notice at the new job. An old reminder that we should never judge a book by its cover.

Decided to ease the workload.

– I’ve bar tended. A great insight of what we as managers expect from our employees. Is it realistic and achievable or are we just setting people up for failure and disappointment? Do we blanket manage or do we consciously manage people by capturing their individual skills?

– Took on a temporary contract. Did my standards stay consistent, or did I budge, seeing that the semi lack of accountability allowed for a less caring approach?

– With a few offers during these changing times, did I burn bridges or did I deal with each situation to the best of my capabilities?

These questions gave me the consciousness of operating my life as a business. My business. Is the client always right? We all know the answer. Was I as accommodating and hospitable as I would expect to be? I think so. But then again… it’s my opinion about myself!

I have met some great people, which in turn allowed me to make some amazing connections. Reconnected with some old friends and allowed myself some time to spend with my loved ones, including myself.

Am I asking for answers? Don’t answer that!

When the time comes where you have more questions than answers, just open yourself to anything and everything tends to come your way. Logical, but how many of us actually let it happen? How many allow themselves to be run, instead of running?

Where do you fit and how does the circle close itself to return to its point of origin?

I once read: “Do something really, really well!”. No matter what it is, it’s seldom easy, but if you love it, it lightens the work load!


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  1. kerri salki says:

    SOOOOO…what are you doing NOW!!! I’m in suspense!.

    ps..nice blog!